Auto Sales Software.

What if we told you that you could scale the feeling of a conversation over coffee? You could answer questions, nurture leads, inspire interest - even while every member of your sales team sleeps. That’s the power of our Sales AI software, delivering personalised, human-like engagement at scale to nurture online leads meaningfully and effortlessly. Any time. Any day. Any lead.


Using proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, Sales AI converts enquirers to showroom appointments or live calls with your sales team.

Intelligent automation.

Sales AI from GardX Engage provides an instant 24/7 response to every online lead, creating effective after-hours coverage that ensures every opportunity is captured. Through conversational dialogue, this automated tool provides meaningful information to buyers, answering VIN-specific questions, before delivering tailored follow-ups to lapsed enquiries for up to 51 days.

Effortlessly effective.

With after-hours leads representing around 40% of total enquiries, being responsive and relevant by embracing AI can become one of your greatest sales strengths. Sales AI is guaranteed to engage all leads, handling detailed questions, providing consistent follow-ups with users, whilst validating prospects and funnelling enquirers to your sales team at the perfect point of the buying journey.

Proven impact.

Integrated effectively with your marketing and sales operation, Sales AI from GardX Engage guarantees maximum lead engagement with 100% enquiry follow-up. By bringing artificial intelligence into the nurturing phase, it enhances the productivity and availability of your sales teams, captures more enquiries, whilst enhancing your inventory by prompting shoppers into vehicle trade-ins.

Seamless integration.

Sales AI integrates seamlessly with all major dealer CRM systems, avoiding time-consuming, confusing process changes. There’s no need for human assistance, as Sales AI appends and updates lead details in real-time, automatically scheduling showroom appointments and live sales calls. Have a specific need? Our Sales AI software is fully configurable and customisable to your unique preferences. Sales AI is suitable for both new car dealers and used car dealers.


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How does Sales AI overcome your greatest challenges?

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Convert your out-of-hours enquiries.

Our conversational AI technology takes over when your sales team goes home, responding to the 40% of lead submissions that come in after hours. Sales AI instantly sends personalised, relevant responses, regardless of the time.

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Re-engage your lapsed leads.

Research shows it can take up to 9 follow-ups before a lead re-engages, which can represented wasted team for your showroom sales teams. That’s where Sales AI can help, with timely automated follow-ups designed to reignite lapsed opportunities.

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Answer questions effortlessly.

Early-stage leads naturally mean significant exploration and fact-finding questions. This time-sapping stage of the customer journey can be fulfilled flawlessly with conversational responses and conversion-focused funnels of our automated Sales AI solution.


Boost your enquiries, convert more leads and drive more growth for your business.