Automotive Marketing Software.

With Product Promoter’s personalised and highly automated direct marketing and messaging solutions, your dealership can engage meaningfully with customers before, during and after their buying decision. By targeting each prospect with highly personalised, product-specific sales messages, more potential sales are converted, more product upsales are achieved, and more customers are retained throughout the after sales lifecycle.



Product Promoter from GardX Engage automates the process of promoting and selling complementary products, delivering an average 10% uplift in add-on product performance. 

Product promoter 2
Pre-sales attraction

The dealerships that will dominate future market share will be those that lead the way in the digital space. The pre-sales journey is where your brand can win. After capturing the interest of prospects in research mode, Product Promoter from GardX Engage can deliver an automated and personalised funnel of direct marketing messages, designed to nurture the consumer mindset from browsing to buying.

Sales optimisation

Converting the vehicle sale should never be the end of the customer sales journey. In fact, post-sale and pre-delivery presents an optimal window for dealerships to re-introduce complementary products and solutions, delivering an enhanced customer experience, remaining front-of-mind in your customer relationship, whilst further enhancing the potential profitability of every single buyer.

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After-sales retention

With a focus on lifetime value, Product Promoter’s after-sales features focus on long-term retention by encouraging return visits to your dealerships. From service-related messaging to seasonal vehicle health checks, by continually re-engaging each customer, dealerships are proven to gain a greater share of wallet, whilst building a customer base with greater long-term value in bother referrals and retention.


Boost your enquiries, convert more leads and drive more growth for your business.