Ads for Dealerships.​

Ready to unlock the potential of re-marketing? You don’t need to be a digital guru to make the most of our industry-leading re-marketing solutions. By drawing your prospects into a tailored interest funnel, we can deliver relevant messaging to ensure your dealership and its vehicles remain top-of-mind by re-engaging and continually informing prospects throughout their online research.


Vintelligent remarketing

By enabling digital experiences tailored to individual shopper preferences, dealers no longer need to rely on generic “one size fits all” marketing communications. It’s the key to keeping shoppers and customers coming back for more.

A more personal approach.

Our first-party behavioural data allows dealers to target the highest value prospects, delivering personalised, VIN-specific digital ads based on individual browsing interests. And with interactive walkarounds embedded directly into advertisement, you’ll bring the most relevant, conversion-ready traffic back to your vehicle description pages. 


Vintelligent remarketing
Driven by data.

By embracing the power of data, Vintelligent Remarketing from GardX can automatically optimise your marketing efforts. By augmenting your existing customer database with hyper targeted online advertising, this tool is proven to re-engage previous website visitors and re-energise potential leads.

VIN-specific campaigns.

With our feature-rich content library and unique suite of shopper insights, your dealership can deliver VIN-specific conquesting campaigns that highlight your most valuable asset — your vehicle inventory. Showcase vehicles with interactive digital ads that engage prospective buyers and drive more traffic to your digital showroom.

Enhance your inventory.

In today’s market, securing used car inventory is more critical than ever. And there’s never been a better time to source vehicles directly from consumers. With digital retargeting powered by our proprietary shopper behavioural data, your dealership can deliver targeted offers to in-market shoppers with the highest likelihood of a trade-in or vehicle purchase.

Better data. Better results.

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Optimised audience targeting based on first-party shopper behavioral data and customer purchase history that distinguishes casual visitors from active shoppers. That means laser-focused messages delivered to your highest value prospects.

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With access to a multimedia content library covering more than ten thousand vehicle features across 50 OEMs, you’ll be able to deliver exactly what they’re looking for. 

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Fully Integrated.

Seamless integration with CRM, DMS, CDP and ad serving platforms means that you’ll get more from your existing infrastructure investments and agency partners.


Boost your enquiries, convert more leads and drive more growth for your business.