360 Car Photography Software.

Transform your vehicle description pages with custom video, imagery and informative content to elevate and celebrate every feature of your vehicles. Our Feature Tour software can instantly enrich the conversion rate of your most important online landing pages with industry-leading content that informs, inspires and converts your prospects from browsing towards buying.


Our Feature Tour application is powered by the industry’s most complete library of multimedia content, spanning more than ten thousand vehicle features from 50 OEMs.

An industry-leading solution.

Developed as a unique extension of our industry-leading 360 Walkaround solution, Feature Tour from GardX engage integrates additional feature descriptions to elevate key vehicle features and to upsell add-on products and solutions. By delivering enriched and interactive content early in the online journey, your prospects are proven to spend increased time on-site, with your vehicle description pages delivering increased enquiries.

Bring features to life.

Traditional vehicle feature lists provide a one-dimensional and often confusing overview of your vehicle features. By embracing Feature Highlights from GardX Engage, you can revolutionise your content by delivering easy-to-understand highlights of every value-added feature. Browsers are presented with multiple opportunities to engage with feature content, leading to increased online engagement and improved conversion rates.


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Fully integrated information.

Feature Highlights delivers all the feature information your customers could hope for, integrated within your vehicle description page. The result is an optimised and effective customer experience that showcases every feature, educates every customer, and delivers what your prospective buyers need - in a way that's quick and convenient.

An engaging experience.

Designed around a clean and intuitive interface, Feature Highlights is proven to provide a simple and seamless online experience for online browsers of all ages and abilities. By empowering your prospects with relevant information and the best feature-rich content, your customers gain the answers they need to accelerate their journey from research to buying.


Feature Highlights
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Showroom ready.

With a huge range of feature options, an ever-changing inventory and vast array of models, it's never been more difficult for sales teams to command detailed vehicle knowledge. That’s why the most progressive dealers use Feature Highlights on the showroom floor. With the industry’s leading OEM content library at the tap of a touchscreen, your sales teams can give prospective buyers the knowledge they need. Instantly.

F&I Advantage.

With F&I products becoming increasingly critical in maximising dealer profit margins, our F&I Advantage feature brings their benefits to the forefront of the consumer mindset. Whether it’s maintenance plans, insurance solutions, service contracts or tyre and wheel protection, by elevating F&I products alongside vehicle feature information, consumers become more educated and more receptive to the benefits of buying.

F&I Advantage

Easy to implement with no process change required.

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Compatible with your existing systems.

Feature Highlights works seamlessly and flawlessly for any dealer, integrating with more than 150 different auto industry providers and platforms.

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Covers your entire vehicle inventory.

No vehicle will be left behind. Our comprehensive content library delivers a visually engaging experience that heightens interactivity.

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Get it live on your website in 48 hours.

Feature Highlights requires no operational process changes and no training—so you can start seeing meaningful results almost immediately.


Boost your enquiries, convert more leads and drive more growth for your business.